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Helen Kramer

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Located in Santa Barbara, California USA 

Available worldwide

What Is a Live-Event Artist? 

Exactly what it sounds like: 

I’ll paint at events, capturing special moments & scenes live.

This new trend started in the wedding industry: Couples hire me as their artist to come to their weddings and paint the scene in front of them as it happens.  As a Live-event artist, I typically paint the couple, the gorgeous venue surrounding them and some of the guests, too.  Most of these paintings are not exact portraits of the bride & groom but, rather, an interpretation of the event as I see it.  These paintings are somewhat abstract, and capture the excitement of the scene.
The live-event art market is growing, and more brides are exploring this option as a unique way for their weddings to stand out.  If you love art and want a memory keepsake for a lasting impression then this is the unique way to impress your guests.
I am also available to do other events such as galas and birthdays, fundraisers, and business functions.

As an alternative option:  
I take any of your photographs and turn it into an original piece of art.
You choose the medium: Pen and Ink / Graphic Design / Acrylic on Canvas / Oil on Canvas / Charcoal / Pastel / Pencil
Any photo of your choice: ~    Children   ~~       Pets      ~~     Family    ~ Landscapes ~
Let me Animate You and your loved ones into a permanent piece of Artwork. 
Capture your treasured memories.  Memorialize your family or pet. Create a timeless souvenir to keep for generations to come.



Kelly Clarkson.jpeg.jpg

Original art from photographs start as low as $50-

Paypal accepted

Limited time offer: $35  for a one person portrait

I create fresh, vibrant images derived from any photograph that capture the realism of my subjects, from portraits and landscapes to still life’s and abstracts. Whether you're looking for a simple hand drawn portrait or some at-home wall art or need help with a larger project, such as your wedding or live event, I would love to work with you. I am happy to work with you locally, or invite you to send me your photographs through email or through the postal service. I am available to travel to your location as well Feel free to look through my portfolio for a sample of my work.

                                   If you have any questions, please contact me.

Contact us

Phone: 1-805-284-7460   

Email: AnimateYourself@Outlook.com  

Web: http://AnimateYourself.yolasite.com


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